Client information / booking an appointment:


Please read this, and then go to the contact section to e-mail us for an appointment.

Please read our shop rules at the bottom of this page.


General shop information:


     Crown & Anchor Tattoo Parlor is a fully custom, exclusive / private art space in Point Pleasant, NJ. Fully custom means we do not trace images off google or out of pre-drawn design books (flash) or images off the wall (which is extremely common in other studios).


Everything is hand drawn and catered to the individual by the world renowned artists that work at and own this studio.


We are open by appointment only, so we do not have actual opening and closing hours.


The door  is always locked, so just ring the door-bell and if we are in, and free, we'll open up for you. 

If we do not open the door, we are working with a client and will not interrupt their tattoo.

If you plan on dropping by, please send us a request via e-mail, or leave a message on our voicemail.


      We aim to have a small & exclusive clientele that we work closely with; ensuring the highest quality work that will last a lifetime. We do not take walk ins, as we feel it is disrespectful to clients. Walk ins are just a way for artists to make quick money through the unfortunate poor decisions we make time to time as humans. These tattoos are rushed and mostly traced, as to quickly receive the next walk in waiting, with little regard for the quality of the tattoo or possible regret of the client who made a life time decision on the spot.


We believe that you deserve far better than that. Your tattoo will be on you for life, and should be well thought out, researched, and applied perfectly. You are not part of an assembly line. 


We do not want to tattoo everyone, just a handful of people who appreciate art and want us to do our jobs with the care and attention it requires.


Being appointment only also gives us adequate time to research and design the most beautiful custom art for you. It also allows enough time to work on your tattoo in a peaceful, serene atmosphere: without the unwanted distractions of people walking in and out of the shop all day, ringing phone, loud environment, etc.


We stand to provide the best possible experience and art, in a modern, welcoming facility.


Get what you want, the right way, with the highest standards for safety and quality possible;

Not as fast and as cheap as you can get it.


Getting a tattoo:


     When looking to get a tattoo, look through the artists' portfolios and find your preferred style of art.


Upon choosing an artist, e-mail to be certain the artist of your choosing is open to your concept. The assistant will discuss all further detail. 


Our artists normally have a bit of a wait time, so do not expect to get in today or tomorrow. Do not let this discourage you!

Tattoos are permanent; so choose wisely, not quickly!


Booking is done online only.

All appointments require anywhere from a $100-$500 NON-REFUNDABLE deposit, depending on size and artist. This is made online.

The deposit is taken off the price of the final session of your tattoo.


      You will not see the image until the day of your appointment; at which time any changes will be made to your specifications, even if it takes us hours. We will happily sit down right in front of you and discuss all options and alterations, and continue to draw your design until you are 100% happy with the final outcome prior to setting up and tattooing you!


When booking, you will need to send us reference pictures, ideas; any specific wording, etc. as well as the placement and an estimated size of the tattoo (height and width in inches, please DO NOT tell us "kinda big, not too small" we have no idea what that means) and possibly a photograph of the area to be tattooed (especially if there are surrounding tattoos)



Please understand all of our artists have a wait time. We do not accept walk ins, and our wait can be anywhere from 1 month to 1 year depending on the artist you are looking for and requested design / size.

Do not lie to us and pretend your tattoo will be smaller to try and get in sooner. Your tattoo will not be finished if you do this due to time restrictions, and you will have to come back again to finish.


To book an appointment now, please go to the "CONTACT US" page.








*************SHOP RULES*************


We DO NOT tattoo ANYONE with ANY communicable disease! (HIV, Hepatitis, etc) Failure to report a disease on a consent form is illegal.


We also have ZERO tolerance for drug use or alcohol.


ONE guest may accompany you in the procedure room at a time during your tattoo. 


If you need to take a break for any reason; you must first have your tattoo cleaned and completely bandaged and you must wash your hands, and then use the hand sanitizer located next to the door in the procedure room.


Upon entering the room again, you must use the hand sanitizer before starting the procedure. 


No one is allowed to leave the procedure room with a fresh tattoo unbandaged.






Please, do not bring small children into our shop.





We have a $200 shop minimum. (Some artists have a 1 or 2 hour minimum)

We do not offer competitive pricing, we offer competitive quality.

© 2012-2018 Crown & Anchor Tattoo Parlor, LLC

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