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Private, exclusive art space for serious tattoo collectors.

Pioneering a new era of tattooing; one in which fine art, design & highly skilled medical procedures merge, to fashion the most aesthetically pleasing alteration to the human form.

A world renowned space, nestled in the quaint, North Atlantic seaport town of Point Pleasant Beach, New Jersey.

We are an exclusive studio, catering to a small, serious and dedicated clientele seeking quality work.


Open by appointment only to ensure the time required to create the perfect alteration to your bodys appearance.


We specialize in mainly custom, large scale tattooing; with clients traveling from all over the world to seek work from us. That being said, we have no problem doing any size tattoo in any style; being it custom or something you bring in and need to be exact!

We are the only area studio using strictly 100% single use disposable state of the art equipment, as well as medical styled procedures and sanitation.


The most relaxed, serene atmosphere and welcoming artists, catering to your individual needs.


E-mail us today for an online consultation & to schedule an appointment.

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